Muld is a game where you play as a farmer trying to sustain your establishment. The game is taking a more realistic approach to the ”farming simulator” genre as it’s targeted towards students (age 7-15) and is meant to be used as a tool for learning in school.

Project Details:

  • Time: Half a year.
  • Team: 2-6 varying.
  • Engine: Unity.

I was working on this game during my internship at Lucus in Copenhagen. When I was first introduced to it (Sep 2016), they set me up to do mainly gameplay coding which I did almost exclusively up until december month. After that, most of my colleagues contracts expired, which left me alone on the project with 1 other programmer working part-time on it. In the end, I’ve touched on all parts of the game by either fixing a bug, adding a feature, or optimizing/refactoring code.

My Main Responsibilities:

  • Gameplay
  • Bugfixing
  • Photon Unity Networking (PUN)
  • UI
  • Refactoring
  • Importing csv files created with google spreadsheets (Tools)